No single treatment works for everyone so we use a variety of approaches including:

Manipulations/HVTs – These techniques are direct joint adjustments that allow the muscles around your spine or joint to relax, thereby allowing a proper supply of blood to enter the joint. These high-speed, low-distance thrusts often create a pop or a crack that is completely normal and considered healthy when used appropriately. Often considered to be the main therapeutic tool of chiropractors, these are effective methods but are all the more effective when combined with articulation and massage. 

Articulation– Your joints are gently moved to stimulate the absorption of synovial fluid which feeds your restricted or damaged joints. If your joints are not moving properly then they will suffer from reduced nutrition. Articulation is a gentle encouragement of movement within restricted joints. The joint is moved slowly unto but not past the barrier. 

Vacuum Cupping– FMT Rocktapetrain therapists to use their version of the traditional Chinese cupping. Instead of glass globes Rocktape apply silicon cups directly onto the skin. 

This changes the pressure within the cup that draws the skin and underlying tissues up into the cup. Research suggests that this change in pressure affects the motility of the bodies’ Interstitium and connective tissue layers. Research indicates that vacuum cupping enhances the action of Hyaluronic Acid to attract water into the tissues improving the glide of the connective tissues layers as well as moderating the brain’s perception of the pain.The treatment can leave a circular mark believed to be a hormone called Heme or Haem that has a red colour that is drawn to the surface of the skin. See above image after 3 minutes treatment. 

PNF/MET– Here your own strength is used to relax and lengthen tight muscles. After a short phase of muscular contraction, there is a window of opportunity where the therapist can passively lengthen your tight or contracted muscle. This contraction-relaxation does not occur naturally in day-to-day living.

Deep Tissue Massage– A traditional yet powerful method of affecting the fluid balance, network of knots, and the tone of your painful muscles and tendons.

Ultrasound (US) – Much healthy debate rages regarding this method of affecting tissues. In 2012 the Journal BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders published good quality research in a paper entitled The Effect of Continous Ultrasound on Chronic Non-Specific Low Back Pain (NSCLBP). In this research paper, 50 patients were randomized into two groups. The first group received therapeutic ultrasound (US) and exercise whereas the second group unknowingly received a placebo ultrasound plus exercise. After the intervention was administered three appropriate outcomes measures were used to compare the two groups. Measures were taken before and after the ultrasound and after one month. Results: Both groups experienced significant improvements in function, the range of motion and pain. The group which received the therapeutic ultrasound recorded significantly greater improvements in function and range of motion.