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What is Health?

Human Diaphragm showing the start of the Psoas muscle

Health is not an absence of disease. Health is achieved when your body’s structure, emotions, and mental states are secure. These three states or triad of health, are interdependent upon each other, each state directly impacting on the others.

Where your constant low back pain begins to make you tired and irritable, we can see that your structure is having an effect on your emotional state.

How Osteopaths Work

When you consult with your osteopath they will more-often-than-not limit their main interest to your musculoskeletal health. A small minority of osteopaths consider the wider person and ask questions about diet, which for many people is very personal, and perhaps, too personal for the initial consultation. At Derby Osteopath where your progress seems less than can could be reasonably expected, given your age, history of participation in sports, career history, medical history, and medication consumption, then the wider person may be considered to shed further light upon your pain.

Our skeleton from below.

Since 1993 UK osteopaths are regulated by the Government and are required to undertake continuing professional development in a three yearly cycle. As part of the registration, osteopaths are required to prove they have public liability insurance and do not have a criminal record except for SP 30s.